Going to California: Nov 12-23

Sunset at Telegraph Hill

Let’s just say it was a crazy October, and we’ll leave it at that. There are big things afoot for November, though. I’m headed west for a multi-stop tour of Northern California with my wife from Nov 12-23. It’s going to be part business/part pleasure, but every time I’ve gone in recent years theres been no shortage of fun. Though I wont be attending RubyConf, I’ll be in San Francisco during and around it Nov 19-23.

First, If any dev shops/teams/meetup groups want to hear me talk/present about Sammy.js or any other projects I’m involved in I’d be happy to come by and drop some knowledge.

Second, I would greatly appreciate anybody willing to let me office-crash and hang out with them in their workplaces.

Finally, I would love to meet up with fellow Rubyists, Javascripters and foodies to do any one (or many) of the following things:

  • eat delicious food
  • write fun code
  • talk about the future of the web
  • drink and sing karaoke

If you’re interested, just hit me up on twitter or email me at aaron at this domain.

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