What I’ve been up to: The last forever (Oct, Nov 09)

The two week trip to California was nothing less than a great success. A fine blend of business and pleasure (with an emphasis on the relaxing).

Highlights included:

  • Going to RubyConf without actually going.
  • Eating and drinking fine food and wine in Napa/Sonoma for 4 days non-stop. (Full list of vineyards and restaurants with menus on request).
  • Spending time with my lovely wife.
  • Seeing friends I don’t get to see enough.

Though this blog may tell a different story, I actually have been writing a lot of code as well:

  • Most notably, the production, public-facing Sammy.js application I’ve been working so diligently on finally launched: Wejetset City Notes Interactive. I learned a ton writing and deploying it, and I promise to share a bunch of those lessons, soon.
  • With the help of the amazing rvm I’ve started getting all my gems tested and working on Ruby 1.9. I think everyone should be doing the same, so if people are interested in my approach, maybe I’ll write a tutorial.
  • I’ve even been porting other peoples gems to 1.9. Specifically I have a fork of the oauth gem that works on Ruby 1.9.1 without any dependencies. It should be merged and released to the master oauth gem shortly.
  • It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve been working on a big rewrite of qadmin thats being used in production in a couple places. Its a lot easier to configure and extend and really just needs to have its documentation thoroughly updated before I can do a real release.
  • I’ve also updated my portfolio to include links to my talks and some other new projects.

I’m hoping to get some more blogging done and OSS releases out in the next couple of days so stay tuned!

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