Talks and Appearances

Upcoming Talks

Past Talks

  • JSCONF Last Call 2015. Amelia Island, Florida. Everything I've Learned Since JSCONF 2015
  • FullStackFest 2015, Barcelona. Beyond JSON Video
  • Burlington Ruby Conf 2015, Vermont.
  • QCon NY 2015, New York. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of Growth Video Slides
  • Ruby Nation 2015, Washington DC. Slides
  • Brooklyn JS #19 2015, New York, The Chromium Embedded Rabbit Hole, Slides
  • GoRuCo 2014, New York, The Future of Ruby Performance Tooling. Video Slides
  • RubyConf 2014, San Diego, Real World Ruby Performance at Scale, Video Slides
  • GoRuCo 2013, New York, Working with Rubyists, Video, Slides
  • Monitorama 2013, Boston, Correlation: The Next Frontier, Video Slides
  • DevOpsDays NYC 2013, New York, Automate or Die, Video Slides
  • Bacon 2012, London Nerd Can Cook, Video Slides
  • Scottish Ruby Conf 2012, Edinburgh, Metrics Driven Development, Slides
  • Nordic Ruby Conf 2012, Stockholm, Metrics Driven Development, Slides
  • Tech Talks TO 2010, Toronto, The Best Framework is a Myth, Video
  • JSConf Eu 2011, Berlin, Client Side Frameworks, Video
  • JSConf Eu 2010, Berlin, Front End Takeover, Video Slides
  • JSConf 2010, D.C., Making Bacon/Making Code, Video
  • Scottish Ruby Conf 2010, Edinburgh, JavaScript for Rubyists
  • jQuery Conf 2009, Boston, Introducing Sammy.js, Slides
  • GoGaRuCo 2009, San Francisco, Sinatra: The Framework Within, Video
  • Ruby Kaigi 2009, Tokyo, Sinatra: The Framework Within, Slides



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