Sammy.js: Tutorial – The JSON Store, Part I

Its a week late, but as promised I’ve started working on a series of tutorials for Sammy.js. The first series is based around a simple E-commerce front end with Sammy, ‘The JSON Store’. I’m starting out really basic, so if you’ve already dabbled with Sammy, this might be old hat, but you should breeze through quickly as you could learn a trick or two. For the more intermediate and advanced users, don’t worry, I have some ideas and things in progress for you as well.

Quick note, I decided to use github pages instead of this here blog to post the tutorials. In the end, its just easier to post lots of inline code AND it will be easier to maintain with updates as the Sammy API changes.

I hope you enjoy it! I’m always appreciative of feedback and constructive criticism, so fire away.

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