Quick Announcements

I’m in a distant land but things are still happening in the world of code:

  • My proposal got enough votes (thanks everyone) and I’ll be speaking at GoGaRuCo in just about three weeks. Once again, I’m honored to be even listed on the same page as some of the other speakers. I’ll be speaking about Sinatra and considering I’m on real vacation next week, I’ll have a little less then two weeks to prepare my talk. It’s gonna be AWESOME. Also this means I’m going to be in SF the weekend of the conference (I’m staying until Monday April 20th) so if you’d like to meet up, shoot me an email or a tweet.
  • Thanks to the wonderful world of open source and github, Michael Kohl added a patch to sinatra-gen that allows you to instantly create a heroku instance for you new app as you generate. Pretty nifty. I hope to write up a little tutorial with this once I return.

More soon!

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