What I’ve been up to: Week of 3/23

Since my last plea for Sinatra as a library a couple things went down:

  • My article was published in The Rubyist! Thanks to Jeremy McAnally for getting it out. Buy a copy and support a burgeoning dead tree business.
  • I was interviewed about Sinatra for Ruby Learning. Thanks to Satish. He’s doing a great job spreading the gospel of Ruby and Rails. If you’re interested in Sinatra – look for his seminars – I’m sure you’ll learn a ton.
  • In preparation for my presentation I started adding what I consider pretty good documentation to a couple of my gems/plugins using github pages. See Restful Query, Qadmin, and Qcontent

Other insane news: Its less then a week from Scotland on Rails! My presentation is all wrapped up. I’m getting a little nervous, but looking forward to the fun times ahead of meeting great Rubyists from around the world and having a REAL vacation all over the UK. Exciting!

If you’re going to Scotland on Rails and reading this – please say hello at the conference. Theres a couple projects I’m hoping to hack on there, too.

3 Responses to “What I’ve been up to: Week of 3/23”

Will your presentation be made available for download? Maybe in PDF?

AQ Says: #

Hey Karmen

You can check out a video from Scotland that was just posted by Engine Yard here: http://www.engineyard.com/blog/community/scotland-on-rails/page-2/


cool. thanks!


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