Hello Edinburgh

We arrived yesterday afternoon and went straight to a nap, but woke up for a nice stroll up to the Castle. Despite some spotty DSL our apartment has a great location and is also really nice. Edinburgh is amazingly gorgeous. It feels so ancient – its kind of unreal.

The first day of the conference was excellent. It’s been probably the best organized and best attended conferences I’ve been, too. Everyone seems to be in a great mood, and people are actually listening to the talks instead of tweeting about them. Like I said – unreal.

Excited for my talk tomorrow. I go on early. I’m going to attempt to do some live coding, so lets see how that goes. For those not there tomorrow, they are taping it, so hopefully it will be up soon for everyone to see. Also, I’ll post slides/links tomorrow night.

I’ve been here a day+ and I have yet to have a whiskey. I dont know how that happens, but I know I’m looking forward to having a couple more then one after the conference is over. Note: I have had copious amounts of bacon, so that makes it a little less of a crime.

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