I’ve upgraded

After a good two years of pounding the keys in to oblivion, my PowerBook G4 just got too slow. I’m not doing video editing or anything super processor heavy, but my typical work-mode involves at least one TextMate project, Safari, BonEcho Firefox, iTerm with autotest running, and at least one mongrel serving up my current project. My G5 can handle 3 times that, but my little ‘powpow’ just couldn’t take it.

So I did two things. First, I joined the “Apple Developer Connection (ADC).”:http://developer.apple.com This was a pretty awesome deal. Not only did I get a fresh copy of the Leopard Beta and this astoundingly nerdy t-shirt, but it also got me a nice discount on – Two, my beautiful new 15” ‘Santa Rosa’ MacBook Pro. In the end, the ADC membership ended up costing less then nothing when you include the discount and the free copies of OS X.

I’ve had it for a little while now, and though I haven’t completely set it up, I can say one thing – holy crap this thing is fast.

(hopefully fast enough to give me time to blog more)

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