The coolest Powerbook on the block

Sweet Powerbook Mod

Thanks to and a little scary moment when I had to crack the cover off my Powerbook, it is now about 1000x cooler. See a detail which is regretfully blurry. It took me a while to figure out what I would want to put in the small space of the apple. Consider it an ode to my favorite bridge.

One Response to “The coolest Powerbook on the block”

[…] After a good two years of pounding the keys in to oblivion, my PowerBook G4 just got too slow. I’m not doing video editing or anything super processor heavy, but my typical work-mode involves at least one TextMate project, Safari, BonEcho Firefox, iTerm with autotest running, and at least one mongrel serving up my current project. My G5 can handle 3 times that, but my little ‘powpow’ just couldn’t take it. […]


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