Clearing the palate

Or some other metaphor to describe catching up so I can blog again. See also: getting it off my chest, cleaning the slate, etc.

The past couple of months have been hectic. They’ve been different. They’ve been a roller coaster of code, sweat, and new beginnings. I will continue to write in vague, general statements until someone stops me.

Lets start with the biggest news, I’m no longer working full-time for RadioTail. Greg has also started something new. There’s a lot to say about this – so details later.

So if I’m not heads down on RadioTail – what have I been doing? What I want to do! Specifically – code Ruby and Rails full-time. I’ve become the lone developer amongst a crew of amazing designers and thinkers at Intersect, Inc. Working with these folks has led me to produce some really awesome projects and code to back them. I’ve got to say that doing almost nothing but Ruby has been a joy. I’m constantly discovering new ways of doing things, and constantly re-factoring my own process to make it as streamlined and agile as possible. Again – more on this later. I’ve come along way from being just a side-line admirer of what the cool kids were doing.

One of the best things about working with Intersect, besides working with some of the coolest and smartest people in this fair city, is that they have been really open to me taking on whatever I want outside of the day. Whether thats working on my own ventures, or being a Rails Ninja for Hire. _I’m trying to say – hire me to develop your Rails dream project – email me at aaron at this domain._

So right now, I have a bunch of idea, a decent amount of energy, and I’m reveling in the awesome time of NYC in the summer. Its muggy, but there’s so many awesome things to do. Now that I’ve cleared my throat, maybe I can talk more about said awesomeness.

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