RadioTail Renew’d

RadioTail, old and new

Silently, like a ninja roaming the plains of the Serengeti, we launched a newly redesigned

It’s been about a year since we launched RadioTail the company, and a little less than that since we launched the first iteration of the website. We chose to redesign for a slew of reasons – most importantly, we have a much better idea of the goals of our company.

When a startup . . . starts up, as a founder and entrepreneur you think you have it all figured out. You think – “This is your business plan, this is your customer/client/user, this is your ultimate goal”. Then pretty quickly, things change. Your plan is redirected, Your goals shift, your users aren’t who you thought they’d be. A static representation of who you are as a company (aka your public web site) can become very outdated very soon.

The intention of this redesign was to showcase what RadioTail can do for you. Be you Podcaster, Media Co., or Advertiser, we created direct “call-to-action” to find out more information about our service.

The main aspect of the redesign was highlighting the most important textual elements of the site with darker, larger text. A scan of the site will give you the gist, without having to read every word. I also wanted to clean up the layout, get rid of the rounded corners (_thats sooooo 2005!_), and give the entire site more whitespace and contrast.

The only major hurdle in the design was dealing with Internet Explorer (as usual). Primarily, I wanted (NEEDED) to use 24-bit PNG’s for the Logo, so I could get that really nice drop-shadow without having to worry about matting garbage. Of course, IE doesn’t know what alpha transparency is. Luckily there are some good fixes out there.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with how it came out. Hopefully, this design will stick a little longer – but whose to say that a business shouldn’t redesign it’s site every year?

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