Put your Blog in a plastic bag with soy sauce, ginger, and ideas (Blog Marination)

From now on, when I’m not posting – I’m not absent – I’m marinating.

LifeDev had a really great post about not posting. As he sees it – the trick is letting your ideas sit for a little while, simmer in their juices, and not only will they come out easier when trying to type them up, but they’ll be better developed and tastier.

I had been doing a version of this for a while – but this post helped me turn it into a system I can actually use. Before, I had kept a list of “TO BLOG” in my master to-do list, but it was only a list of titles or quick one-line ideas. Though this was great for keeping track of the things I was thinking about, it had the major fault of being reviewed a lot without any action taken. I would pull up the list, look it over, think “Thats a good idea, but I dont have time to write that post now”, and then hide the list. I was good at adding to it, but it seemed impossible to get things off of it.

With the little LifeDev push, I turned this list into a text file and added notes to all the different posts. These notes could be a quote, a link/URL, or just an idea or piece of text. I also split the posts into two categories, Articles and Quick. Articles are longer posts that need longer periods of marination and general thinkery. Quick are posts like this one, which is just a quick reaction or link-log or something that wont take much time to write.

Now when I pull up “BLOG Notes.txt”, I look it over and either post something quick or add some notes to an upcoming article.

Back to marinating.

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