Brooklyn Cats

New Brooklyn Residents

I’ve been blogging absent for the past weeks for very specific reasons. Or more accurately, a very specific reason. Moving is hell. New lives in the most wonderful city in the universe . . . are fabulous.

As of today, Its been two weeks since we drove one last mini-van packed to the brim with stuff (read: crap) and two kitties, arriving at 5:30AM in front of our door in Brooklyn. In the first two days, I’d say we got the traditional New York welcome:

  • Bagels
  • 2 Parking tickets (totaling 200$)
  • Chinese Food
  • A thick scent of marijuana lofting out of a neighbors door and filling up our staircase
  • A stolen bike (meaning my bike was stolen – acutely not stolen, just torn to pieces by a foiled thief).

Ahh, Brooklyn – the good and the bad. We’re here though and ecstatic. The kitties are all adjusted and do love their new IKEA cat bed. None of it has sunk in yet though, and that might have a lot to do with the weather – it feels like summer vacation!

In this summer haze I hope to blog – ALOT. I have a huge number of projects lined up for the summer, no hints yet, but soon I hope.

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