Entrepreneurs: Rally-HO!

Venture Voice Startup Workshop

With the success of Venture Voice, Greg and I have decided to take a hand at sending ourselves out to the people. Armed with a battalion of some of the worlds finest in the world of entrepreneurship, we take fire with The Venture Voice Startup Workshop, which will be a one day conference on June 26th in NYC.

The design and website are all me, and the registration system is even hand built. The registration system was all done with agility – which was the most fun part of the whole process. I’m happy with the site as a whole, though I wish I was a better Flash animator – perhaps if I had more time/practice . . .

This is now the second full site that I’ve built with Rails and deployed into a production environment. Getting the first one up and running was a lot harder, considering I had to do all the fast-cgi/apache set up myself. My Rails skills are growing quickly at this point. I knew all I needed was to learn syntax and get some more real experience – I learn by doing. With the pickaxe at my side I can attack any Ruby mountain. Im always coming back to a quote in the font by Ben Giddings:

“In C, I’m always having to work around the limitations of the language; In Ruby, Im always discovering a neater, cleaner, more efficient way of doing things.”

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