Introducing the Basecamp PHP Wrapper

Let it be known that Greg and I are Basecamp addicts. We use it constantantly for all our various projects and try our best to use every single facet to its full potential.

So when Jason announced the Basecamp API I was damn excited. I knew that with some simple classes I could integrate the API into our applications and my development workflow, making even better use of our well-trod HQ.

I would have used the Ruby Wrapper but

  1. Though I look for any excuse to get better at Ruby and Rails, my proficiency is just no where near where it should be (yet)
  2. More importantly, all the application I would want to integrate with are written in PHP.

Thus, I give you – The Basecamp PHP WrapperDownload here>

Its easy to use and follows most of the conventions of the Ruby Wrapper. Even though its not Ruby, I tried to retain the simplicity in the PHP. It implements all of the current API calls with the exception of file uploading, which I hope to add soon.

I’m going to keep updating it as the API is updated and I have time. Im also going to post more examples and uses as I come up with them. Subscribe to the feed for the latest.

Use it wisely.

2 Responses to “Introducing the Basecamp PHP Wrapper”

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