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The Basecamp API is an XML REST interface for interacting with 37 signals Basecamp Project management software.

The PHP wrapper is an implementation of the API as a PHP 4 class. API documentation:


basecamp.php requires a couple of classes from PEAR. Specifically


which can be found (with documentation) at

These are really easy to install (if you have access to a command line)
$ sudo pear install HTTP_Request
$ sudo pear install XML_Serializer-0.18.0
The version number is necessary for XML_Serializer because its not yet a stable release. If you get any messages while trying to install like ‘Dependencies failed’, just do
$ sudo pear upgrade <em>Missing</em>Package_


In order for this to work you need to enable API access on your Basecamp account. The owner of the account has to do this in Basecamp > Settings.


Its real easy to get stuff and send stuff to your Basecamp account.

First, initialize a Basecamp object with your credentials:
$session = new Basecamp('myusername','mypassword','');
Then its just a matter of calling the api function on the session. (see the internal documentation for more info).
// Get all your projects
// initialize
$session = new Basecamp('myusername','mypassword','');
// get the projects
$projects = $session->projects();
// get all the lists from your project
$lists = $session->lists($projects[0]->id);
Because everything returned is an object (or an array of objects) its easy to arrange projects:
$my_project = $projects[0];
$my_project->messages = $session->message_archive($my_project->id);
You should reference the API docs ( for all the details of the different Basecamp object types. Or you can always use the magical print_r function:
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