Dream Job – Being an Attorney on Law & Order

For me the dream is not the usual screaming OBJECTION!!. My favorite part – and what I most want to do is give the closing statement. Something like:

Today we’ve heard a lot of opinions. I said opinions, because what the District Attorney can not say is that the evidence presents is factual. Thats an important word factual. Is it factual that my client, a loving father and husband, took his son to school on the morning of May. 17th? Yes. That is a FACT. Is it factual that my client, a man amongst men, was honored as man of the year in his local chapter of the Elks? Yes, once again a FACT. Is it factual, that this man that sits before you, the jury, took Anne Sambling to the Massachusetts border and killed her? No, that is not a FACT, its speculation.

You know – something like that. Yeah it would be awesome to be Sam Waterson and get all riled up and flip out at everyone. But he’s got that locked down. And his assistant is consistently some good looking woman – so its defense for me. Hey – I’m not complaining.

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