Tom Waits Saxaphone Player looks a lot like My Dad

At least in this video.

The video is also an awesome rendition of one of my favorite Tom Wait’s songs.

Heres the side by side:

Thanks to Kron for lookin out.

2 Responses to “Tom Waits Saxaphone Player looks a lot like My Dad”

[…] My father is no ludite. In fact quite the opposite. If it wasn’t for him giving me my first computer (a Kaypro II) I probably wouldn’t be a developer today. He also was the first person on the block to have a CD-ROM drive, and the first person to teach me how to use the internet ( ala Compuserve and Mosaic ). Obviously I charged ahead of him to the cutting edge long ago – but that doesn’t change the fact that he should understand and be open to relatively new technologies. My dad is also a news junkie. He has bought the New York Times every day for the last 30+ years. This is why it frustrates me so much that he of all people is still not using RSS. […]

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