The Brooklynite Heads West

Part two of the epic changes going on in my world is that I’m picking up and moving out west. For the first time, besides my brief stint for college, I’ll be making a new home in the lovely Bay Area of California. This is probably not a surprise to many people, as this has been a long time coming. My wife was accepted to attend the graduate program at Mills College in Oakland, so I’ll be following her on a journey that will surely change more than just our zip code.

I’ll still be working full time as CTO for Paperless Post and I’ll even be flying back every month for a couple of days (which I’m trying to align with NYC.rb and NYC.js).

I’m very excited for all the new people and new food and looking forward to seeing a lot more of some of my favorite people who happen to live in California.

I’ll be visiting for a week from June 2 – June 8 to look for an apartment and figure out some other details. If you’re around and want to meet up and talk shop over a Pancho Villa gut-bomb, let me know. As my wife says, I’m trading bagels for burritos.

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@rmanalan Says: #

Great news, Aaron! I live about 5 mins from Mills. Hit me up if you need some pointers on Oakland!

You will definitely be missed out here, but I’m sure you guys are going to have a great time. Good luck!


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