Sammy is getting busy

This week has been filled with a bunch of great news in the Sammy.js department. First of all, Sammy v0.5.4 has been released. Nothing too major, but just excited with a bunch of new contributors involved and some strange and vexing bugs fixed.

More interesting, I was interviewed by The Changelog Show. Wynn and Adam are awesome hosts, and we talked about a lot of fun things including a good deal about Sammy and JSConf. Since I didnt really get to talk too much about Sammy at JSConf, it was a great way to share my current thoughts and some stories of the origins of Sammy.js. This also lead into a nice mention on The Dev Show yesterday.

I haven’t mentioned it here either, but I’ve also been making some major upgrades to my Sammy presentation app, Swinger. I added slide sorting, incremental lists, and a ton more. This also includes having a fully useable hosted version for people to play with at

I’m very excited about where Sammy is going and even more excited as I’m using it almost every day and getting to contribute back to the project and think about the stumbling blocks as I use it.

I already have a basic plan laid out for the next release which is mainly focused on re-writing the partial() and template handling to make chaining multiple templates much much easier. You can follow the work I’m doing on it on github. The current status is that it works and passes the basic tests, but theres still a bit to go in terms of API and usability. I’m going to write a more detailed post about it very soon.

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Jeoff Says: #

I can’t find a discussion forum for Sammy, but I have a question. Let me know if there is a better forum for this.

Suppose I want to *include* another route in my output, rather than redirecting to it. Can Sammy do that? I can’t figure it out from the API. This is a little different from including a partial in a view, because with an include, you actually want the route handler (the controller) to have a chance to load the data it needs, before it displays its view.


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