To Scotland (on Rails)

Turns out a proposal that I wrote for Scotland on Rails was accepted and I’ll be speaking there in March. I’m extremely excited. Not only do I get to go to Scotland and meet some awesome Rubyists from the other side of the Atlantic, but I get to be listed amongst some of the most important nerds coding Ruby today.

It will be my first conference talk (hopefully of many). I’m sure its going to be amazing experience. Everyone who can, should register and get their tickets ASAP. Its an amazing deal for the number of top notch speakers. I would go even if I wasn’t speaking. If you cant make it, I’ll probably end up giving the same talk to the #nyc.rb crew at some point, too.

It was serendipitous that Apple is releasing the new Keynote with iPhone control.

Kat and I are also planning to make a vacation out of the trip: eat and drink our way through the UK. If you have suggestions on that front, let me know.

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