What I’ve Been Up To: New Year 08


As this is a whole new year, with a whole new work schedule and set of goals (see: Big Moves), I’m going to try something NEW. Every Monday I’m going to post a little recap of the previous week of work. The idea is to give a little insight into what I’m spending time on.

The past two weeks have been all over the place. I was in Rochester with my fiance’s family for a week doing the whole Christmas thing, then it was back to NYC for a quick turnaround and out to Mendocino, CA for the week (pictures here).

  • I became a Rails core contributor. This was one of the most awesome things of the past little while. I had a Eureka moment where it was like, “Hey, there’s something I can add here to make this better” and then realizing that not only do I have the ability and time to do so, but its really not that hard. I ended up contributing a good refactor and a full test suite to Jeremy Mcanally’s rg rails generator plugin. I learned a ton from the whole experience and super psyched to continue contributing.

  • I started collecting some common code. A lot of this code and helpers were already in the quirkey_tools plugin I’ve been using and developing for the past 3 year. My new strategy is a little different: Split all of these different parts of quirkey tools out into individual plugins and gems. Halpers is just a collection of helpers + a Rails Template (totally functional – just make sure you’re on EDGE if you want to use it). My favorite part about it, is that you can start a new rails app using the template and the template will install itself (halpers).

  • I did some more work on sinatra-gen. I promise a full blog post/tutorial on this, but I’ve become completely enamored by sinatra and I wrote this nice little generator to create sinatra app skeletons of all different varieties. The latest version includes support for defining actions/routes inline with the generation.

  • RELAXIN. Probably the most important. I relaxed the shit out of the past two weeks.

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I think the word “engaged” caught me up more than anything 🙂 Looking forward to breakfast — and congrats!


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