Jimi’s Dead (that’s what I said)

Lasting longer then I expected, my Jimi wallet has bitten the dust (or more accurately was decapitated – aka the top tore off). After almost 16 months of use, I learned to love its quirks and always liked the questions and gawking when ever I pulled it out of my pocket.

The biggest improvement was down sizing my pocket – the move from a costanza-sized-full-of-useless-cards-and-reciepts type beast was a major relief to all of my jeans. In a typical modern epiphany after just a couple weeks with out that extra weight you realize that you don’t miss it and there’s rarely a time when you don’t have what you need in the jimi’s constrained proportions.

The only problem I’ve found is something that may be particular to NYC. Where the entire world has really started to move away from cash – the purveyors of this city specifically restaurants and coffee carts are particularly paper only. This made the jimi’s two folded bill restriction a little hard to manage to say the least. I found myself stuffing bills in the corners of my pockets.

So where to from here? I think I’m going to pass on the Jimi and I’m looking very enviously at the sweet looking Dosh wallets they sell at wejetset – maybe I can finagle myself a deal.

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