Greg and I hit up TechCrunch 8 last night and had a pretty good time. I got to put a lot of faces with the names and emails I’ve been going back and forth with over the past year, including Jason Van Orden, and Eric Olson of Feedburner and VentureWeek who I found out went to college at Bentley which led us to reminisce on good ‘ol Waltham, MA.

Valleywag had a good article on the event They even managed to quote me out of context and without credit and making me seem even dorkier then I actually am.

The vibe echoed the words of one elevator-mate on the way in from the downpour outside: “We’re doing podcast advertising!”

I think the exclamation point was a little much.

Besides the free wine and beer the best part of the event were the free Bar Mitzvah style t-shirt “I’m in BED with TechCrunch” (which you can see here).

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