Why didnt they have this when I was in college

What a great idea. Social college notebook-ing. Evan showed me this the other day, and at first I wasn’t so impressed. Of course, in that first glance I missed the killer feature – offline editing. This app is so simple, It was almost too easy to overlook that big bonus.

Great apps solve serious problems, or at least ones that you consider deathly serious. When I was in college, especially in Art History, I would want to take notes on my laptop. Most of these class rooms didn’t have wifi (though there’s a pretty good chance thats changed). The thought of taking notes in a web app without an internet connection would be ridiculous, but solves with some simple javascript.

The social aspect, too, has the potential to be really powerful. I feel like social web applications work when the act is something that you would share outside of the web. works because on one level its a replacement for emailing sites to friends. In that way sharing notes is something natural. I’m a little worried that once this app catches on there are going to be a lot of cases of plagiarism and the possibility of people just sticking whole papers up on the site.

Try it out and play around. Either way a great job on a mostly javascript application that really works.

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