Surfing is reborn

The web application that I am most dependent on,, announced a new feature a couple days ago that I’m having a lot of fun with. The randomizer bookmarklet takes you to a random site from the annals of Its pretty hit or miss, but fun none the less. It reminds me of a time before google, when the internet was all about surfing. Surfing in that context, is defined as following link after link on weird home-built pages, finding interesting information, but never really exactly what you’re looking for.

As pointed out in the comments on the randomizer post, there are other services that do this a little better, like StumbleUpon. I tried stumble upon a while ago, but i got very little use out of it because of its FireFox requirement. Since, these days I only use FireFox and IE for javascript debugging, I don’t see myself doing to much stumbling.

Also see: my

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