Down under

There is no need to apologize for the lack of posts. That would just be silly, for you see, things are happening. Perhaps I’m not being so vocal about those things so maybe I should apologize for that. Nah.

A blogging break is a problem though, because blogging itself needs to be a integral part of ones life if it is to be truly accomplished. Taking a break is the first step in letting your blog and, through a series of loose connections, your life fall apart.

However, the case here is quite the opposite.

Finally, after almost exactly a full year RadioTail has an office. Well, the makings of one. Its a perfectly nice box in DUMBO, with a window and a great view of the river and the Empire State building, at least until they extend the waterfront and build a 40 story apartment building in front of us. We shall turn this empty white cube, that I affectionately call The Ice Planet Hoth into a fully functioning work space.

So, in light of this expect a short period of down time followed by a quick acceleration of features and awesomeness coming from both RadioTail and Quirkey.


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