The Diners of Massachusetts

It occurred to me yesterday, that at this very moment, I’ve spent over a fifth of my life in Waltham, Massachusetts. I really consider my entire being to be of New York, and realizing that fact shocked me and made me reevaluate my metropality*. If at this point, I’m one fifth a Masshole, then what – if anything – will I miss about this state when I return to the city for good this summer?

It didn’t take me long to come up with an answer.

The one thing I’ll miss about Massachusetts is . . . the Diners. When I talk about Massachusetts, really I’m talking about Waltham and it’s vicinity, and the one good thing that I can muster about it is, “Goddamn, there are some great places to get breakfast”.

Before I make my way to the big city, I have all intentions of stopping at all of my favorite spots at least one last time and writing a little bit about each of them.

Stay tuned.

I just made that word up. Metropality – the identification of a person with a city. (eg. country:nationality::city::metropality)

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