Camino – You win (for now)

When I was going through a period of Safari crashing constantly, I had made the rounds of all the other browsers on the Mac, finally landing on DeerPark, which is Firefox optimized for my G5. I love it because it has great plugins, (e.g. the web developer extension), but unfortunately the whole browser, no matter how I try to modify it with themes, is just ugly. I love my mac(s) and OS X because everything is just so clean. Where Firefox for Windows is a huge step above IE, on the Mac, it just looks messy.

I also tried out Camino which at that point was in beta. I really liked the look of it, but the beta was really slow at times and crashed at seemingly random spots. So I gave up on it.

Recently, my favorite Safari plugin, Inquisitor, was updated to include support for Camino. That gave me the hint that I should give it a go again. I got the new 1.0 version. And hot damn, its waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay fast. Then a little inquisitor search, directed me to CamiTools – a set of free preference panes for Camino. This just sealed the deal. It even has a feature to sync your bookmarks via any ftp server – genius! (I really use EXCEPT for all the bookmarks to all the various login screens I use for work – which this is awesome for.)_

You win this time Camino – you’ve gained default browser status.

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