The Hunt Begins

The thrill of the hunt. The wind in your hair. The sun in your eyes. A fine spear clutched between your stiff caliced palms. You are weary but alert. The hunt pains you, but invigorates. This is big game hunting at its finest. It is time for fresh blood, the taste of victory.

It’s time . . . for a new kitchen.

This past weekend began the hunt for a new apartment. An apartment that isn’t falling apart; An apartment that has water 90%+ of the time; An apartment that isn’t in Waltham.

The countdown says 64, but we’re starting early. We were supposed to look at apartments on Sunday, but the realtor flaked big time. What do you do when someone you don’t know tells you they don’t work here anymore’? You awkwardly walk out.

Luckily, we’ve been hooked up with a great realtor in Brooklyn Heights that helped my cousin Abby find her place. She showed us two places that were pretty much on opposite ends of the spectrum. In the Heights, both on nice blocks, but one a dark and kind of gloomy Co-op, and the other a 5th floor brownstone loft thats being renovated as we speak. Unfortunately, the later is a little out of our price range, but she confirmed that she’ll help us find something were happy with. So exciting!

And so begins . . . The Hunt.

2 Responses to “The Hunt Begins”

Eric Smith Says: #

Keep hunting!
Hope life is good!
See you in 50 days or less.

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