A Widget: Countdown To Brooklyn

So it’s pretty much official.

Kat graduates from school at the end of May. Our lease in Waltham ends May, 31st. And then we are out of here. For good.

In order to keep myself on track and have a little something to lookforward to I put this widget together. Its built on a tutorial from MacWorld with a lot of extra tweaking.

Widget Screenshot

Download it Here
Count down my days to returning to my true home.

This is the first of many widgets – it took about half an hour to put this one together. The next one will deffinately be more complicated. Any Ideas?

One Response to “A Widget: Countdown To Brooklyn”

[…] The countdown says 64, but we’re starting early. We were supposed to look at apartments on Sunday, but the realtor flaked big time. What do you do when someone you don’t know tells you they don’t work here anymore’? You awkwardly walk out. […]


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