Hong Kong: The way there

I probably wont actually be able to post any of this until I get to Hong Kong, but honestly – who gives a fuck.

Chicago – 12:03 PM EST

We’re flying United on our big trip. First, La Guardia to Chicago O’Hare and then CHI to Hong Kong. I’m in O’Hare now at a Food Court – next to the only open outlet I could find in the whole concourse. Lame. Why is that? Where in the 21st Century People, come on! I assumed, incorrectly that there was going to be some sort of wifi here and also that Id at least be able to plug in my computer. Wrong.

I’m preparing myself for departure and stuffing myself into my 4 cubic feet of space on the plane. Didn’t they used to offer you meals? Weren’t the flight attendants nice and courteous at some point? Have times changed or have I just grown up to realize things I didn’t when I was younger. Either way this is not going to be too fun. But Ill do my best not to yak.

Excuse my bitterness, I’m tired and hungry – Im gonna go eat a $12 sandwhich.

Somewhere Over the Canadian Tundra – 6:40 PM EST

We’ve been on the plane for about 4 hrs now. Not even a third of the flight. It hasn’t been so bad. Besides the lady behind me giving me the evil eye every time i stand up to pee. Its been pretty easy. This is the first time I’ve pulled my computer out and I think Im going to spend my precious battery life doing some coding instead of blogging.

I just watched Walk the Line. Johnny Cash is great and the acting was good, but honestly it kinda sucked. After seeing Ray which was only slightly better, this just seemed a lot less interesting. I loved the music but still – kinda lame.

Also I was convinced that we were going to have personal screens – but not back here in steerage.

Skirting the North Pole – 8:52 PM EST

The Ice Planet HothWow, thats cool. (No pun intended [_isn’t it kind of dumb when people say that to point out the pun they just made?_])

Over the Chinese/Mongolian Border – 1:43 AM EST

We flew over some of the most amazing snow tundra I have ever seen – who am I kidding I’ve never seen snow tundra before. I got a bunch of great pictures out of the window. Think Hoth.

Im getting to the point of real restlessness. While the radio that they’re pumping through the different channels has variety and is actually entertaining its constantly skipping and I cant listen to it for more than fiver minutes at a time before the skipping drives me crazy.

With intermittent use somehow the battery on my powerbook has lasted me this long. Hooray. Outside the window is the Mongolian desert at midday. Its also quite breathtaking drifts of snow in these amazingly patterned nooks and crannies (_i must be hungry_)

We’re Here – 9:10 AM EST

The last couple hours were pretty hellish. My laptop battery died and then I just had nothing to do. Then when the last meal came, my mom started going a bit cooky. I got really ancy and just wanted to get off.

When we finally got off we waited silently at the baggage claim as 1,2,3 bags came off the conveyor. But where was my bag? No where to be found. Fucking great. So my parents got there three bags my one tiny duffel with all my clothes is still in Chicago. Thank you United Airlines.

I fell asleep in the cab to our apartment and missed the great view of our entrance to Hong Kong. We got the the apartment, which is Sham-Shui-Po, which my brother claims is one of the dirtiest neighborhoods in Kowloon (The peninsula part of HK). The apartment is kind of like an efficiency – but its not so bad – minus the fact that my bed is a little tiny. I’ll deal.

I just need to get to sleep. Tomorrow – Explorations! (and Peking Duck!)

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