New Flickr Account

So at the bequest and advice of Greg I got a pro flickr account in preparation for the big trip. Of course I did it as miserly frugally as possible.

I had wanted to buy Kat a pro account, but also wanted to get one for myself.

Solution: COMBINE

It makes the most sense since we do most everything together and also neither of us could use up 2 gigs of space in a month alone.
To wrap things up (because Im a little delusional now and Im afraid Im going to ramble incoherently) here is a link to our spanking new pro flickr account:

And for those savvy (and cool) enough here is a quick link to the RSS

So on this account I hope to first document my trip and soon after our move to Brooklyn.

This is going to be fun. We’ll see if I still think that when I land in Hong Kong after 24 hours of flying.

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