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This is an un-edited email that I sent to my team at Paperless Post a little while ago. TL;DR I’m moving back to Brooklyn, and I’m really going to miss the west coast but it’s for the best.

Hey Paperless Family

There have been little bits of information floating around and I wanted to finally come out and announce my intentions in my own words. Over the next couple of months I am moving back to my birthplace and the home of Paperless Post, New York City.

To give some background to people who joined since I’ve been away, a little over two years ago, I moved all of my stuff and my cats to the San Francisco Bay Area so that my wife, Kat, could follow her dreams and get her MFA at Mills College. She has completed classes and is now working on her final thesis project (which will be on display in Oakland in February).

Over the past two and a half years I’ve travelled over 263,000 miles to be alternately with her and with you, my other family. Being a remote CTO has not been very easy, but I’ve really tried my best. Despite everyone’s effort to make the best of a hard situation, it more often than not felt like Cat Stevens’ “Cat’s Cradle” instead of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin”. Which is to say, I’ve felt more like an estranged parent watching my little dev team grow up without me than a small town boy going anywhere. I couldnt hold on to that feeling.

Which brings me to now. I want to see this company really, truly succeed. I know this company can. We are already succeeding in so many ways, and I am coming back with a mission to make this the best company in NYC. I know we can do it.

This trip brings me to the crossroads: from now on I will be spending more time in NYC than in SF, spending 9 of the next 12 weeks here, ultimately moving back for good in the begining of December.

I am looking forward to not missing any more beer o’ clocks, doing tons of movie nights, and more than anything participating actively and face to face in the daily goings-on of this team.

I can’t wait.

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Brooklyn welcomes you back with open arms!

Joel Hockey Says: #

Cat’s in the Cradle is by Harry Chapin


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