jQueryConf 2009

First of all jQueryConf was straight up awesome. The organizers did a great job and I met a staggering number of cool, intellegent people. I think the key (at least for me) of why it was so much fun, was it wasn’t a ruby conference. What I mean by that is it wasn’t just other Rubyists, with similar day jobs, and similar interests. Thats fun of course, but the thing with jQuery and JavaScript in general, is it is very few peoples’ full time jobs. That means that there were devs from every neck of the web development woods. That meant for me, hearing a ton of new and different perspectives and getting a whiff of all the cool stuff going on OUTSIDE of the Ruby world.

I think my talk was pretty successful and besides not getting through all my slides, it seems like I got a lot of people excited about CouchDB and Sammy.js. I’m going to write a pretty in-depth recap of the talk and post it soon.

Also, It sounds like there will be a lot more jQuery and JavaScript conferences in the near future. I can’t wait.

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