Headed out: What I’ve been up to June + Early July ’09

I’m headed out to Japan for Ruby Kaigi and some real vacation and touring today. I’m teeming with excitement and nerves and in the interest of tying up some loose ends and making myself feel a little more ready for the trip, here’s another list of fun things happening/in progress.

  • Sinatra-Sammy: Inspired half by potential usefulness and half by a dare from binary42 at the first meeting of NYC.js, sinatra-sammy is a sinatra module/plugin that includes sammy.js makes multi-page apps appear to be single page (with deep-linking etc) while maintaining the SEO and other benefits of a multi-paged, normal app. Make sense? No? Yeah, OK. I’m working on putting up a good example, for now you can clone the repo and checkout the included test app.
  • Speaking of NYC.js, I was honored to be the first speaker and did a little presentation about Sammy. Slides are viewable here
  • Vegas + Gembox are now windows friendly. It took a bunch of hacking, specifically around the daemon-ization (Kernel.fork is not natively implemented on win32) but windows users can now use Gembox just like their Unix based brethren. Windows users can now also, and should, make use of Vegas for creating Rack based executables.
  • I’m giving an updated version of the talk I gave at GoGaRuCo “Sinatra: The Framework Within” at Ruby Kaigi. I’ve been hacking on a secret and useful project and hopefully I can wrap it up on the plane and present it at the conference.
  • I got a new camera. I’ll be posting a lot of drool worthy food photography on flickr.

For anybody attending RubyKaigi, please come find me and lets hack/talk/eat ramen.

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ujihisa Says: #

Welcome to Japan!


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