The (small) Fund

If you can believe it (I barely can) the month of May is coming to a close. For me, and this blog, that means something specific. A short 4 weeks ago I proposed raising some money for the cause of teaching Ruby and getting more women involved in our community. Since then, Rails Bridge was formed and an amazing group of people are now devoted to a number of different initiatives. Its very exciting for me on a personal and professional level to be involved in something so positive. So now, a month later, its come time to settle and figure out exactly what to do with the generous amount we’ve collected.

After consulting the Rails Bridge mailing list and with the great recommendations from the community I’ve decided to split the money in half. 50% will go to the Anita Borg Foundation who have a number of great projects to support women in the development/programming communities. The rest will be donated to Rails Bridge itself. Even though its not a huge amount of money, hopefully it will make a little impact and help with some of some of these awesome initiatives.

The fund is still open until the end of the week. Please donate!

Click here to lend your support to: For the future Ruby Community and make a donation at !

2 Responses to “The (small) Fund”

Awesome. Money well spent.

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