GoGaRuCo ’09

I haven’t even returned to NY yet – I’m writing this in Pivotal Labs SF – who were nice enough to let me steal a desk and some WIFI for an afternoon.

GoGaRuCo was amazing. Another awesome conference. Thanks to Josh Susser, Leah Silber, and the other organizers and volunteers for making a fantastic weekend of nerding out. I’m going to be posting my slides soon, and there should be a full video recording of it within the next couple of weeks. You can see a quick rundown (via live-blogging of my talk) at the Pivotal site.

(Some of) The highlights of the weekend:

  • Getting a real explanation of CloudKit from Jon Crosby. Once I understood what it was – a fully compliant REST interface that abuses HTTP to create a standardized ‘appliance’ that sits on type of Rack. Think: Rack CouchDB.
  • Talking to Yehuda Katz about why Javascript/jQuery is awesome and why the next version of rubygems will solve all my problems.
  • Seeing Jaqui Maher talk about solving REAL problems with ruby/rails.
  • Greg Borenstein blowing my mind with the knowledge that I could use Ruby to hack an Arduino.

Most importantly: I met some very cool, extremely friendly, and super-fun people in this beautiful city. I can’t wait to come back.

Update: I posted my slides from the talk at scribd

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