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Fish and Chips

Kat and I have been trying to take full advantage of this week and next week being Dine in Brooklyn 2007. The basic deal is you get 3 courses for $21.12 – some places its 1 person, some places its a two-for. What an awesome thing!
So far, we’ve hit up a couple of different places.

Le Petit Marche – a very nice albeit almost standard French bistro in the Heights. Serving up standards in a nice atmosphere will get you pretty far in my book, as long as the service is good and the frites are tasty. Le Petit wins on both points. They were insanely busy when we arrived, but our waiter was on point for our almost two hour meal.

Gen – an amazingly delicious Japanese spot 8 blocks north of the Brooklyn Museum. We had gone before – its a great place for pre or post museum dinner – but the prix-fixe was an insane amount of food and a wonderful variety. Gen stands out because it provides very interesting original dishes as well as traditional Japanese with an artful yet simple take. Good Japanese should be simple – the ingredients (raw fish, the rice, etc) should be the star. At Gen, this is certainly true, deliciously simple flavors that consistently left me wanting more. Even the Sashimi is a slightly angular cut – a small detail that just made me appreciate the tuna even more.

We also took advantage of three courses of fried at the Atlantic Chip Shop (fried macaroni, fish and chips, fried twinkie). Still some of the best fish and chips and still half a heart attack.

We’re looking forward to some more new places this week! Forward me any recommendations.

photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/roboppy/228947895/

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