The Dorkster

Who is the Dorkster?

The Dorkster
. . . admits to being unpopular in high school
. . . is a Ruby programmer
. . . plays at least one instrument
. . . is suavely unkempt to perfection
. . . knew about your favorite band before you did
. . . thinks pitchforkmedia has jumped the shark
. . . may use the phrase ‘jumped the shark’ . . . a lot
. . . owns every season of Mr. Show on DVD

Are you a Dorkster? I think I qualify. Its a growing breed and a fun one, at that. I don’t think its specific to NYC, but certainly its specific to this point at time. A dork who is cool. An oxymoron? Add your qualifications below.

One Response to “The Dorkster”

How about Dorkster Admirer:

Someone who admits that dorks with those qualities are cool.


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