Excited for Cookbook

For the past month I’ve been rooting and voting on My Dream App for the one application that was ‘my dream app’ : Cookbook. I’m extremely pumped that it landed in the top three and is going to become a reality.

Kat and I do a fair amount of cooking because we love to do it. Though I like cooking off the top of my head (grab a bunch of ingredients and make something delicious), Cooking from recipes can be an education if you know how to extract techniques and flavors. We have a decent cookbook collection, but often we use Epicurous to find something new. Since our apartment lacks a printer, Kat’s iBook usually sits on the dining room table and Firefox becomes our cookbook.

With this app, I could see the computer becoming an integral part of our cooking ritual. Not only could we store recipes from the internet and magazines, but I could actually type out some of my ‘AQ originals’. Timers, Full Screen mode, and just the slickness of the interface, could make this unbelievably useful.

I wait anxiously for any previews or releases.

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