Q: “Are we not men?”

A: No, we are a robot with a giant eye-ball and some sort of snake-like body with a sweet metal claw at the end!

RadioTail in FastCompany

At least, that’s how RadioTail was depicted in a spread in October’s issue of FastCompany. I’m not complaining, I mean we’re the only one in the spread with the awesome agileness of a snake. We’re not as cool looking as Scrivs, and the 9Rules guys, but really its just cool to be mentioned in the same league, let alone sitting at the same table, as The Deck and Federated Media.

3 Responses to “Q: “Are we not men?””

Nate Says: #

Rock on man. This is too cool.

Scrivs Says: #

Yeah we got the backwards cap on lock, sorry about that. Cool you made it though.

AQ Says: #

That’s cool, If I was actually asked to pick how to represent RadioTail as some sort of humanoid like thing, I wouldnt know where to start. At least the artist picked up on the fact that every member of our organization has cycloptic laser shooting eyes.

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