We got ‘crunched

RadioTail just got a great write up on TechCrunch for our new free application for podcasters, Ripple. This is a big moment and marks the public release of this application , that started as an idea at PodcasterCon back in January. Its a really awesome feeling to see something you’ve worked so hard on get pushed live. Let’s hope the podcasters like it.

I’ll post more on the development and all the nerdy details later when I have a little more energy. I’ll also be blogging at the funky fresh Ripple Pond about all things Ripple, including upcoming features, news, etc.

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Podcast tracking…

Nielsen Analytics recently reported that more and more internet user are attracted to podcasts. According to the study, more than 9 million internet user in the United States downloaded podcasts to computers and mobile devices last month.
Ten percent ….

Nate Says: #

Good job. A hearty congrats is in order for this new product.


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