TV on the Radio at Celebrate Brooklyn!

I had never sweat that much at a concert. Two years ago, I saw TV on the Radio at The Middle East Upstairs with my buddy, Jon Griener, and my mind was forever blown. We left the club, ears ringing, drenched in sweat, feeling like we just witnessed some sort of tribal ritual. Jon said to me on the way home, “We’ll never be able to see them in such a small venue ever again. We’re so lucky.”

That Jon is a prophet.

Last Friday, Kat and I saw TVOTR at the Prospect Park Bandshell with Matt Pond, PA and Voxtrot. It was part of the awesomely amazing Celebrate Brooklyn! series, which has a load of amazing concerts in Prospect Park every summer. It was a beautiful night and the lawn was packed, by the time TVOTR was about to go on, there was barely any room to stand, let alone sit.

My biggest fear about the concert wasn’t the crowd or the rain, I was worried that the raw explosive energy that I witnessed at the Middle East would be lost on a big outdoor crowd. As if the band emits a burst of heat, that in a big show like this one wouldn’t even reach the third row. I was wrong. Though, certainly not the rhythmic fireworks display of two years ago, the energy that the songs and the band posses are completely infectious. Its impossible not to move something.

I’m looking forward to getting a copy of their new album when it comes out. You should definitely check out their website which though makes up for its current lack of content with a series of ads/videos (one of which featuring David Cross).

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