Apple, please stop trying to overwrite my modifications

Maybe its just my nerdy self who has his own special PHP install on his Mac(s). But god damn it – every time Apple gives me an update it overwrites my installation. Apple, I love you, but stop bitch slapping me by making me reinstall PHP every time you send a software update. I know you’re trying to do me a favor by giving me a new version of PHP (4.4.1) but maybe I don’t want it. Even he who must not be named lets you choose which parts of the update you want. All I want is a little checkbox that says “Kindly don’t overwrite my [L]AMP instillation, Thank You.”

Luckily, after the last time this happened I’ve smartened up a bit. I keep a PHP (4.3.11) source folder on my desktop and when the latest update was installed all I had to do was:

$ cd ~/Desktop/php-4.3.11
$ sudo make install

Sweet. That bitch-slap don’t feel so bad no more. Just don’t do it again, Stevie.

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