The Saints in NYC

Saints in NYCThis was one of the most fun weekends in a long time. The Saturday Saints played the Knitting Factory Old Office in Tribeca. The Old Office was a perfect size venue for us. Big enough to hold everyone comfortably – small enough so we could pack the place. The sound was pretty good (on stage), too.

We started off strong – but I couldn’t get into the groove at first. When we got to ‘Pocket’, the one song I sing, I made a conscious effort to flip out rock and roll style and turn my energy up to 11. Let me tell you – it felt awesome.

After the show – a little after-party in Brooklyn with all the people I wanted to see and hang out with. Thanks to everyone for making the trip be it from Philly, Boston, LI, or Newkirk Ave.

If you want to see some pictures, keep an eye on Kat’s Flickr Stream

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