Scaling ain't easy

You're growing your team and your traffic and all of a sudden you hit a wall. Everything seemed to be going great and then, suddenly, your app is in a place where it isn't keeping up with the pace of your awesomeness. The one time when things are mission critical is when they start to fail.

I've been there. I've seen this happen. I've helped teams get to the other side.

After working with different companies, I've established two different types of opportunities to work with me:

Short Term/High Intensity: Audit

Situation You're in a tough position. Your users are seeing 500s, your metrics don't make sense (or don't exist), but your traffic keeps growing. This is a good problem to have, but its still a problem.

Solution Given access to your team, code, and tools, we can come in and do a full top to bottom audit of your current performance problems. Depending on the size of your application this can range from two days to two weeks. The end result of the work is a mutual understanding of the state of your app. This includes comprehensive (and comprehensible) metrics and a prioritized recommendation of lowest-hanging fruit and next steps that you and your team can execute to get to the next level.

Long Term/Low Intensity: Coaching

Situation You're growing quickly and you and your team are spending the majority of your time supporting your users by creating features and don't have much time to spend on growing your infrastructure or improving the performance of your app. You feel like you're in a good place at the moment, but can see a point on the near horizon where your current setup is going to show cracks.

Solution Starting with some in-depth looks around your code and infrastructure we'll come up with some high priority issues to tackle together. Then on a regular schedule (once a week or once a month) we'll spend a day revisiting this plan, addressing new issues, and talking through the future.

Hey, I’m Aaron Quint.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY but now I live in the Hudson Valley, NY with my wife and son.

I record and produce a weekly podcast with my friend Mike Bernstein, called Beats, Rye & Types.

When I’m not working, you can usually find me cooking or doing some kind of crazy food project. You can follow my food adventures on Instagram.